Village Green Bald Headed Bistro Village Green Cleveland / Bradley Chamber of Commerce

The Village Green Town Center Sign Tower

The Village Green Town Center sign is a 20 feet wide by 48 feet high tower. It overlooks Mouse Creek on a circular plaza bordered by field stone and natural landscaping. An illuminated skylight caps the tower.

Located on four sides are 2 feet by 15 feet red digital message boards for time, temperature, advertising and public service announcements.

The skylight has a weather mast collecting temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity, daily / annual rainfall and an updating video camera focused on Keith Street – all now available over the internet at The main feature of the tower includes two digital video displays facing north and south on Keith Street.

The video displays are manufactured by Daktronics, Inc. Daktronics designs, manufactures, sells and services dynamic visual communication systems for customers worldwide. Daktronics has installed tens of thousands of scoreboards and display systems in more than 70 countries and is recognized as a world leader in arena and stadium scoring systems. The two 8 feet by 15 feet displays use red, green and blue LEDs, illuminated in different color combinations and intensities, to show live video, animation, graphics and other information in 16.7 million colors.



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