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The Technology behind The Village Green Town Center

The Village Green Town Center offers connection services that has an interconnection with BellSouth via a 24 conductor fiber optic cable and a 600 pair copper cable. The fiber and copper cables are carried through an underbround concrete encased duct bank system and take diverse routes to the BellSouth Central Office.
The fiber terminates in a DSC fiber multiplexer connecting the Center to BellSouth's Sonet backbone. This connectivity provides tenants with the ability to utilize ISDN, Frame Relay, SMDS, ATM, OC-3, and other broadband voice and data services.

Call Center Capabilities

The Village Green Town Center is the best place for a Call Center. The Village Green offers incentives, technology and workforce benefits.


  • State & Local Incentive Programs
  • Technology & Training Center on site
  • Technology

  • Fiber Optic Access
  • All Major Telecommunication carriers
  • Workforce

  • Affordable & Knowledgeable Workforce
  • University & Community College provides part-time work force
  • Large working Senior Citizen population
  • Multi-cultural workforce



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